Warwick District Council’s New Local Plan

The New Local Plan is being prepared by Warwick District Council. It will be the “Blue Print” for development in Warwick District up to 2029; showing where, how much and what kind of development is needed and will be allowed. The New Local Plan must be approved by The Government’s Planning Inspector.

Following an initial examination of the Plan in May 2015 The Government’s Planning Inspector said:

  • Warwick District must provide more houses to support Coventry’s housing needs and
  • The Plan assumes that too many houses will be built on “wind fall sites” (that is sites which are currently unknown but which the Council believes will become available in the future)

Warwick District Council has now published its latest version of the New Local Plan which seeks to address the Planning Inspectors concerns.

The latest proposals include removing about half of Old Milverton from the Green Belt to enable the development of:

1350 HousesPrimary School
Railway StationMedical Centre
Park and Ride SchemeEmployment Development

This map shows the area identified for development. The yellow area will be developed immediately and will include 250 houses. The grey area will be used in the next phase of development.

A Park and Ride Scheme is also proposed for Blackdown. This map identifies the areas being considered.

Click here if you want to read Warwick District Council’s proposals in more detail

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