Old Milverton and Blackdown Neighbourhood Plan

Old Milverton and Blackdown Joint Parish Council believes it is important to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the Joint Parishes.

The Localism Act and National Planning Policy Framework gives the residents of Old Milverton and Blackdown the opportunity to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan setting out how they believe two communities should grow and evolve and where and how much development they believe is appropriate to support that vision.

The Joint Parish Council has been working with local residents to develop the Neighbourhood Plan. A draft Neighbourhood Plan was published for consultation, and a public exhibition inviting comment was held in the Old Milverton Parish Room, in November 2013.

Finalisation of the Neighbourhood Plan has been delayed whilst Warwick District Council put into place various Parish boundary changes which took effect from April 2015.  We have applied for the revised Joint Parish area to be designated a Neighbourhood Plan area and will publish a revised Neighbourhood Plan shortly.

The most recent version of the Neighbourhood Plan:

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